Humane Society Trivia Night

Last Saturday, Jen, Katie, Kim, My Parents, The Galles, and I went to a trivia night benefitting the Humane Society of Missouri and their foster program at Maryland Heights Community Center. As with all of our forays into the trivia wilderness, we were well stocked with food. Cookies, Puppy Chow, Apple Rollups, Spinach Balls, Artichoke Cakes, Wasabi Peas, Hot Wing Dip, Tuscan Dip, Beer Bread, and other assorted cheeses, meats, veggies and dippables made for a very satisfying evening on the food front. The trivia was marginally less exciting. We finished in 4th place, 5 points out of the money (they paid the top 3 and there was a tie for second), due mostly to our ineptitude with the Presidents category and our lack of knowledge when it comes to old-ass TV. Still, not too shabby for over 45 tables. We even held the lead going into Round 6, but it was short lived (Damn you Andrew Johnson…).

One thing that stood out at this Trivia Night compared to others, was the MC, Kevin Carbery. This is a guy who writes a column on trivia in the local paper, hosts a radio trivia talk show, and writes and hosts Trivia Nights all around the St. Louis area. If you are interested in trivia (and if you’ve read this far, you must be), check out to find upcoming trivia, and definitely check out the ones hosted by Kevin. In addition to the questions being interesting, yet fair (cough, Oakville, cough), Kevin really kept the pace going. He commanded attention in the room and didn’t have technical difficulties with his presentation — a rarity in this town.

Anyway. We all had a good time, a good cause was helped, and we’re looking forward to the next trivia night — whenever that may be.

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