Live Off the Levee

Each summer, St. Louis puts on a free concert series every Friday and Saturday night, beginning 4th of July weekend into the beginning of August. Well, this year, we took advantage of this and went three weekends in a row!

Here is the crew that started it all, attending all three events: Katie, me, Amanda and Monika. This is at the O.A.R. concert in which I didn’t even really listen to the concert. We had gotten there a bit late and the boys waited in line for beer forever. But the fireworks were fantastic.

The next weekend, we all rocked out to One Republic. Bob and Brandon were a bit embarrassed by our antics while singing so they stayed a few feet away. I think Katie also wished she could have stayed away from our outrageousness.

Here we are, at the Boyz II Men concert, without the men, having a girls weekend. Ah, Boyz II Men, performing in suits up on stage in St. Louis 100 degree heat index weather. It was disgusting how sweaty I was that night. Ewww, gross.

And of course, we ended each night with a visit to the Gelateria, an excellent gelato shop, which tasted super great the last night. Now that Live off the Levee has come to a close, I’m going to miss the gelato but there is always next year!

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