Peaches for You, Peaches for Me

Since it was such a beautiful day, we decided to take advantage and head over to Eckert’s for some pick-your-own peaches, a must do on the List.

30. Drive down the river road in the fall and stop at Eckert’s Orchards in Grafton to pick your own apples. Orchard workers drive you out to the arbor on a tractor-powered wagon, where you wander through the trees, gathering as much fruit as you can carry. (You can sample the fruit as you pick, too.)

Although it mentions picking apples, I’m a fan of peaches, so same concept, just different fruit. When we reached the orchard, I was a bit disappointed with the selection because most of the peaches weren’t really very ripe. All was not lost, though, there were a couple of perfect peaches and they were quickly devoured while standing amongst the trees. Katie, Monika and Kim had never been peach-picking before so it was fun bringing them along. Here are a set of pics of the peach picking action.

Afterwards, we had to hit another St. Louis sight:

92. A BLT and a Johnny Rabbitt (the local radio personality’s trademark banana malted with crushed nuts, whipped cream and nutmeg) at Crown Candy Kitchen. Play the table jukebox, leave with a box of the house-specialty heavenly hash and walk off the calories in the reemerging Old North neighborhood.

Crown Candy Kitchen has such great atmosphere, I don’t think they’ve changed the interior since 1913. Seating for five people was a bit difficult but thank goodness for the metal chair in the corner. The food was simple, it was served quickly and the shakes/malts were awesome. It’s a must see if you’re visiting St. Louis, just don’t let the neighborhood scare you away.

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