Restaurant Recommendation!

Last night, Bob, Katie, Monika and I had dinner at Trattoria Marcella, a wonderful rustic Italian restaurant. When we first walked in, we were afraid we weren’t going to be seated, it looked a bit upscale for our jeans and t-shirts, but, luckily, they took pity on our poor clothing choice. The waiter was attentive and accommodating, he gave us some great recommendations from the menu. Because Monika is allergic to Gorgonzola (she’s missing out), our waiter brought her a side of marinara sauce to dip her appetizer in and had it on the side when he served our salad.

The food was amazing! We ordered the Roasted Wild Mushrooms as an appetizer. I’m not a fan of polenta (had one bad experience with it) but these were yummy! The sauce was incredible. I even ate the mushrooms! We ordered the Special family-style salad which included iceberg lettuce, salami, tomatoes, garbanzo beans and Gorgonzola imported from Italy tossed in a sweet vinaigrette. Simple, clean and refreshing. Now, on to the main courses. Monika ordered the Chicken Spiedini, Katie had the Lasagna al Forno (it came in it’s own casserole dish!), Bob ordered gigantic chicken and prosciutto-stuffed ravioli (I don’t remember the name of it and it’s not on the online menu) and I had the Whole Wheat Pasta. Usually, whole wheat pasta has a distinct taste and is a bit al dente for me, but my pasta last night was SO good. I love goat cheese and having that in the dish added a creaminess to the pasta. I was so stuffed from all the good stuff before, I barely ate any of my entree but it’s sitting in my fridge now for my weekend indulgence. And of course, we played “Pass the Plate” and everyone got to enjoy each other’s dishes.

I highly recommend this restaurant to everyone. Even my boss (he has a VERY rich palate – only high-class food for him) said that he enjoys the food there as well so that definitely means something. Now, go forth and eat good food!

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