Bailing Out

So this morning we woke up to loud noises and a freaked out dog. It was raining like monsoon season, so I checked the backyard area and sure enough, the water was rising fast — almost to the house. Damn. I ran out and grabbed the snow shovel and started cleaning out the leaves and pine needles that were clogging up the draining area and helped, but the water was coming down too fast and I was getting drenched, so I started bailing the water out by scooping it up onto the deck. Jen came out to help and for her trouble got drenched, but it was nice to see her out there pitching in.

So we got the water down — turned out we got about 4.5 inches of rain today — and everything is cool. Regardless, we’re considering our options down the line, whether to try and excavate out better drainage under the deck, or to replace it with something that will handle the water better.

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