Forest Park Balloon Glow 2008

41. Ride in one of the balloons in The Great Forest Park Balloon Race, held every September. Just don’t look down.

Last Friday, we attended the Forest Park Balloon Glow, which always precedes the Great Forest Park Balloon Race. Even though we did not ride in a balloon, we took pretty pictures of it and checked it off the List. I’ve never been to the Balloon Glow before and I was pretty amazed at the sheer size of the balloons. And it was incredible how much heat is produced each time the lever was pulled. I think my eyebrows were singed slightly. The photos that Bob took came out beautifully. I enjoyed it but won’t plan on going again for a while. I mean, they are hot-air balloons, and they glowed. Really nothing else was going on. And they absolutely gouged you on funnel cake, $7! But, if you have never been to the Balloon Glow, I would definitely suggest you go once.

Here are the rest of the pictures.

One thought on “Forest Park Balloon Glow 2008

  1. Kenny and I were part of the C&T balloon race team in 2005. We spent lots of time in the balloon on the ground (unfortunately not in the air). But we did get to go to the fancy banquet afterwards. And we got some really awesome pictures. We’ll have to compare.

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