Party at Fast Eddie’s

34. Sit in a backroom at Fast Eddie’s Bon Air in Alton, a bar-and-grill venerated on both sides of the river. You’ll find everyone from church-folk to Harley riders, tourists to antique-hunters, filling every neon-lit corner, drinking ice-cold beer and eating cheap, fun food—no frills, but with a definite cult following.

Last weekend, a bunch of us went out to celebrate Amanda’s birthday in style — if that style was jean shorts and NASCAR t-shirts — at Fast Eddie’s Bon Air! I had never been there, I’ve only heard about its awesomeness. And it lived up to the hype and then some. You can only imagine what kind of crowd would frequent an establishment known for its cheap food and cheap beer. Let’s see, I guess I can give you a glimpse into this world: mullets, she-mullets, tight acid-washed jeans, much older women with bleached-out hair, non-stop Southern Rock cover bands, and Busch Beer on tap. Well, the Busch Beer allowed Bob, Andrew and Matt to consume more alcohol at a reasonable price point so that was fine.

I must take some time to rave about the food there, though. Extremely cheap and very excellent. I mean, for three people to have burgers, fries and chicken-on-a-stick, it came out to be around $11. You can’t beat that with two sticks!

Of course, we were that close to Fritz’s, we had to stop by afterwards for a little dessert. Who can pass up frozen custard? No one.

So, Amanda, Happy Birthday, your party was a blast!

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