First Chili of the Season

Last weekend a bunch of us gathered together in the spirit of football and watched the Mizzou Tigers annihilate the Nebraska Cornhuskers. (Of course the Tigers would kill the Cornhuskers, tigers have claws and sharp teeth, duh!) But the real reason for the get-together, in my opinion, was so I could make some chili! Hells bells yes! It’s football season, it’s autumn, that means it’s time for comfort food. Well, unfortunately, it was 75 degrees that day, not really ideal for chili, but it didn’t stop me.

Now, with any type of sports gathering, it’s a known fact that the men and women separate and go to their respective corners: men in front the TV and women in front of the food. And that is the way it should be.

With food this good, who needs men?

One thought on “First Chili of the Season

  1. Okay, I am bitter about this. We were supposed to make the first chili of the season and you said it was too warm. Jerks.

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