Katy Trail Ride

Yesterday, Jen, Katie, her brother Steve, and I went out to the Katy Trail for a ride. It was a gorgeous day for a bike ride, so we started at the Greens Bottom trailhead and headed south.

It was sunny and cool, the perfect weather for a fun ride and great pictures:

After about ten miles, we reached the Weldon Spring trailhead, which seemed like a good place to stop and eat lunch. There wasn’t much there, but we saddled up on some nice benches and dug into our picnic supplies. Here I snagged a pic of the trail, to give you an idea of the beauty and majesty of this part of the journey:

After lunch, we headed back. Jen had the camera and took the lead in the caravan, which led to these awesome over-the-shoulder shots:


and my favorite:

We made it back in one piece, even though Steve’s new (to him) bike needed a tuneup badly. More than anything, we’re just hoping this nice stretch of weekend weather holds up for a little while longer so we can take these trips again. Click here for more pictures.

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