Laumeier Sculpture Park

3. See Ernest Trova’s sculptures, tucked away in the wooded grounds of Laumeier Sculpture Park. It was his gift of 40 sculptures—the largest public collection of this internationally known St. Louisan’s work—that made it possible for the park to open, and coming upon one of his Cantos or Variations amid the trees is magical.

Where can you go to see giant sculptures scattered about the property in no apparent order? That’s right, Laumeier Sculpture Park! After our adventure at Grant’s Farm, we all headed over to a place where we knew the exhibits wouldn’t attack us. There was a John Waters exhibit inside which creeped me out, I won’t lie. Interesting, but creepy. Once we got outside, the first thing that greeted us was this:

Um, hmm, that was not what I was expecting. As we wondered further into the park, I noticed how serene the place was. Since it is a county park, I expected crowds of people lounging around on the ground, running around, children screaming. You found none of that here. As you walked around and under these magnificent sculptures, you felt like you were in your own little world.

Here is Bob’s favorite one:

And I thought this one was pretty cool, it reminds me of a very old treasure that you found stored in an attic somewhere:

We didn’t spend too much time there and I know there are so many more pieces of art that have not yet been seen so I will have to remember to go back again. Here are some more photos, if you’re interested.

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