Q: What do we do at Trivia Nights? A: Win!

This past weekend, we gathered up the old team (Jen, Kim, Katie, my parents and I) and head on up to Florissant Presbyterian Church for the Youth Group Trivia Night Fundraiser. Now, we’ve done this before, and expectations were high, but we got off to a good start with the spread:

You might notice those two open boxes on the left side of the table. We decided to scratch off another one of the STL101 tasks by snagging some Gooey Louie gooey butter cakes.

90. Warm gooey butter cake from Gooey Louie’s, which dared improve on the St. Louis original with eight flavors. Bet you can’t eat just one.

And check out the Trivia Night-specific packaging:

Was it delicious? Does this face lie?

To the trivia: There was a theme for this evening, which was a first for us: all of the categories had to do with animals. So that was a pretty cool twist. We got out to a fast start by knowing 8 out of 10 famous felines. I didn’t think that was a good start, but it was good enough to storm out to a commanding lead, which we held on too for most of the night. Part way through, we did the “Heads or Tails” game, which, to top it off, Kim actually won:

So that was pretty awesome as well. As the evening wore on, it became known that our closest competition were a bunch of blowhards from John Knox Presbyterian that went up to the scorer’s table on three separate occasions to contest the judges’ decisions. Talk about putting the Knox in obnoxious.

As it came down to the final category, we had a one point lead over them. Fortunately, this category was all about dogs, so while we were evidently cat people at the beginning, we were definitely dog people at the end, putting up a 9 / 10 to win by 3. I guess people from John Knox hate dogs.

Victorious again, we gathered our food and went home to hold our bellies, safe in the knowledge that the title of FPC Trivia Champion is in good hands yet again.

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