Supper Club: October 15, 2008

Since Katie had the entree this week, she decided to go with a theme: Breakfast for Dinner! I LOVE breakfast for dinner!

Appetizer: Toffee Dip with Apples. Oh my freakin’ goodness, it tastes like a carmel apple. That good! I would definitely go with tart apples because the dip is so sweet so it’s not so overpowering. The tartness cuts into the sweetness so you don’t go into sugar overload.

Entree: Frittata with Smoked Cheese and Canadian Bacon. An all-encompassing dish that has all you need for breakfast: hash browns, cheese, eggs, canadian bacon. It was excellent.

Side Dishes: Fruit Salad, Croissants, Peach Mimosas and Prosciutto-Wrapped Asparagus. Since it’s breakfast, one must have mimosas. And I know, asparagus for breakfast? Seems a bit weird but Monika thought we lacked some vegetables in our menu and I do have to say it worked out. I really loved this dish, but then again, I love asparagus and proscuitto, hence no complaints.

Dessert: Monkey Bread. Okay, this is not the exact recipe that was used but I was too lazy to type it up. You get the gist, though. Who the hell does not love monkey bread? MONKEY BREAD!!!!

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