Taste of St. Louis 2008

Group Shot, originally uploaded by Cracker and Cheese.

Last Friday, a group of us trekked down to Soldier’s Memorial to partake in the feast known as the Taste of St. Louis. I guess the idea is to allow restaurants to showcase their delicacies for the masses. I’m totally all for that and so we all went at it. I got some stuffed eggplant from LoRusso’s Cucina (delicious), a pizza from B&T Pizza (a bit on the cold side but who can blame them, it was stored in those delivery pizza cases) and an Angel Wing from Hank’s Cheesecakes (OMG, so freakin’ good!!!!). It may sound like a lot of food but they were in little trays so we didn’t get full portions. After satiating our appetites, we all then headed over to hear Everclear play on stage. Now we understand why they are now playing on the festival tour.

The Taste of St. Louis was really a lot of fun and we ran into some people while down there. Suggestion: Go on Friday night. The crowd was not bad at all. We didn’t have to wait in line at all for food or beer, it was great.

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