Thoroughly Lost Millie

Thoroughly Lost Millie, originally uploaded by Cracker and Cheese.

So the other night, we heard a beagle baying outside our window. Kuma was very interested, of course, but we put her inside to make sure there were no shenanigans. We were able to corral the lost beagle, but she didn’t have a tag. So I took her in my car (much to Kuma’s consternation) to try and find where she lives.

I went back to Prince Albert, since they are on the other side of the baseball field from us, and that’s where this dog came from, but no one was out looking for a dog. I brought her back to our subdivision and drove around, but no luck. Then, I went up to visit Carolyn, a friend of ours who knows every dog in the neighborhood. Fortunately, she was out on her front porch with her dogs listening to the VP debates on the radio. She said it definitely wasn’t a neighborhood dog, but that there were a couple beagles over in Prince Albert. Dutifully, I headed that way.

As I entered the subdivision, all seemed quiet. Finally, I found a guy walking his German Shepherd. I asked him if a beagle like this one lived around here and he told me to check with the lady in the last house on the left. So I did, but when I rung the doorbell, I could hear a beagle inside sounding the alarm. I explained the situation to her, and she said this dog looked like Millie, a dog down the street. She walked with me over to that house, and we rang their doorbell. The lady there was surprised to see us, as she did not even know that Millie had escaped. She hypothesized that the dog must have run out when her brother came to the door.

Thankfully, we got the dog back to her home, but remember kids, always keep up to date contact information on your dog’s collar!

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