Weekend at the Lake

OK, so it’s been a while since I’ve written anything, so I’m going to power through a bunch of posts detailing all the awesome stuff we’ve been busy doing in the last few weeks.

On September 27 & 28, Jen and I went down to the Lake to visit Kenny and Krissy for the weekend. Our trip was awesome as usual, but this time, it included a special twist: The Offshore Super Series! Now, everyone knows I’m not a huge fan of the racing sports, but how often do you get to see boats going 180 mph? Not nearly often enough, in my book. And these boats are just chock full of loud, obnoxious power. Here is my favorite, the Bud Light boat:

Through some contacts at her work, Krissy got us hooked up with prime access passes, which got us down onto the docks to take in the action. Awesomely, we were right by turns 2 and 3, so when the boats were close together, it was exciting and dangerous. Here’s an example of how awesome our tickets were:

That’s pretty close, eh?

The races were pretty fun, although admittedly, it was more exciting when the boats are bunched up at the beginning of the race. I got hella sunburned, but it was OK because we had Kay’s for breakfast and that makes everything all right.

Thanks, Kenny and Krissy for having us! Check out all the pictures here.

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