Zoo Babies!

12. See the Saint Louis Zoo penguins. Their habitats are welcome relief in July, but if you go on a dreary, drizzly day in the fall, you can watch them waddle for hours, uninterrupted. Spot your favorite Gentoo, Rockhopper or King penguin winging through the icy waters of the Penguin Cove, then go out to the tidal pool to see the Humboldt penguins and their pelican pals through the rush of a 22-foot waterfall.

The weekends in October have been fantastic so we’ve been taking full advantage of them before icky winter sets in. A few weekends ago, we headed down for lunch at the Boathouse and then walked it off at the St. Louis Zoo. And boy, did we luck out with our Zoo outing because the theme of the day was baby animals! Awww!

First up, the baby zebra:

Then you have the baby giraffe:

A baby Speke’s gazelle:

A baby wild ass:

And finally, the best babies of all: BABY TIGERS!!!!!!

Baby Tigers! from Cracker and Cheese on Vimeo.

Must be played with sound for the full effect. Thank you, Bob, for that wonderful composition! It was awesome! I think we all stood around and watched them play for about 20 minutes and would have stayed longer except the Zoo was closing and we needed to see the elephants and penguins, according to the List. Sadly, the penguins paled in comparison to the tigers this time around but we did go.

But babies or not, everyone must go to the Zoo. I mean, it’s free for goodness’ sakes! And it’s one of the best free zoos around. If I can’t convince you with words, maybe I can convince you with more pictures of animal fun. Click here.

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