A Halloween Feast

When people say “holiday eating,” does it start on Halloween? For me, it does. Halloween is the time for me to dig into a bowl for candy designated for little kids and gorge myself on all the sweet treats that i deny myself all year. This year, we went over to Bob’s parents’ house again to see all the little kids come up and beg for chocolate. The one thing that irked me, though, was the fact that so many of these kids never said “Trick-or-Treat” or even a “Thank you.” What is up with that? These kids would just come up to Bob’s dad with their bags held open, as if they were entitled to the treats. Where did these kids learn that? From their parents, that’s who because they didn’t teach them manners and give these kids all that they ask for. Argh.

After being thoroughly irritated, we went out to dinner with Krissy and Kenny to the Melting Pot for their Halloween dinner special. $29 per person for four courses, what a great deal! The Melting Pot never disappoints and we were fully stuffed by the end of dinner. It definitely took my mind off the future rude leaders of America. Thank you Marcantels for inviting us out and kicking off my journey to gaining 10 pounds by year end.

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