A Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner Dinner

This week for Supper Club, we decided to have a mini-Thanksgiving dinner with some friends. Since Bob was bowling in a 9-pin bowling tournament, I decided to make it a girls’ night with Monika, Katie, Kate, Beth and Amanda. We each contributed a dish: I bought a Honey-Baked ham, Monika made hash brown casserole, Katie baked bread, Amanda brought a bacon-cheese dip, Beth made green bean casserole, and Kate brought pecan pie bars and pumpkin cookies. The food was fabulous. We pretty much ate everything but we saved some ham for Bob and Brandon to mooch off when they got back from bowling later that night. Because we ran out of the wine that Monika brought, Amanda had Matt come to our rescue and bring some more bottles to open. Don’t worry, we rewarded him with some dinner. A great way to kick off the Thanksgiving weekend!! Woo-hoo!!!! No work for two whole days!

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