Supper Club: November 12, 2008

My poor husband was sick this week so we moved our weekly dinner over to Katie’s home. Thank you, Katie, for loaning us your wonderful house. Hopefully, we didn’t trash it too much.

Appetizer: Cheddar with Sauteed Apples and Brown Bread. I could have just had this for dinner. Apples and cheese just go so well together.

Entree: Pork Tenderloin with Paprika Spice Rub. Oh my freakin’ goodness, this was such an easy recipe. Make the rub, rub the rub, bake the tenderloin. Awesome. But when you do make the rub, make sure you cut that recipe down because it makes way more than you need for your pork. I 1/6th the recipe for almost two pounds of pork tenderloin.

Side Dish: Apricot Glazed Carrots. Glazed carrots, there is nothing negative to say about glazed carrots.

Dessert: Sweet Chocolate Log. A very rich chocolate dessert that goes well with vanilla ice cream.

And just to let everyone know, this menu was the easiest one yet, we were eating by 6:15 and done by 6:30. It’s a new record for the Supper Club. Go team go!

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