Supper Club: November 5, 2008

Appetizer: Quick Fiesta Dip.

Appetizer: Salsamole.
Yes, Monika could not make a decision about which appetizer to make so she made both. After having both salsas, the Salsamole was my favorite, if you like avocado. It was basically chunky guacamole. Not that I’m saying the Fiesta Dip wasn’t good, it’s just that the Salsamole was better.

Entree: Black Bean and Sweet Potato Burritos. You wouldn’t think that these would be good, but they are. Just only have one because it’s pretty filling.

Side Dishes: Fiesta Slaw and Broccoli with Dijon Vinaigrette . Two very good dishes. The Fiesta Slaw is pretty delicious even a few days later.

Dessert: Bob’s Mom’s Apple Crisp. Double the crisp. Need I say more?

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