Tailgating isn’t just for parking lots

You can do it in your driveway, too. After our trip to the Bowling Hall of Fame, we gathered up in the evening before the Mizzou – K-State game to grill some dogs, brats (and Bratchos®), and burgers, drink some beers, sit around a fire pit and generally have a good time trying to stay warm before going inside to watch the Tigers trounce the Wildcats. Everyone brought a dish, so there was a ton of food. I think the highlight of the night was when I accidentally dropped a burger on the ground, so naturally, that became the Kuma burger. At least, it was the highlight of the night for Kuma.

Once the game started, we migrated inside, but Kuma wasn’t done begging:

In short: the Tigers dominated K-State, everybody ate and drank a ton, and Bratchos® were a big hit.

Click here for all the pictures.

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