Tradition To Spend Gobs of Money on Black Friday

That was painful. 4 AM to in order to get to Circuit City by 4:30 to stand in line with Kenny and Will. This year, Bob and I did not have any specific items that we were needing but we still went anyways because it has now become our tradition. Of course, Bob likes to tell everyone that I’m the one dragging him out of his cozy warm bed at the ass-crack of dawn to spend money we don’t have. But he really does enjoy it, he thrives on it. How else can he interact the rest of humanity? I don’t want him to become a hermit so why not drag him out on the WORST shopping day? Armed with my chai latte, we stood in line until 5:00 AM when the doors opened and we were greeted by this:

It doesn’t look like much but you have to know, we were close to the front of the line. Since Bob and I had no real idea of what we wanted, we helped Kenny with his purchases. Once he gave us our marching orders, we all fanned out to retrieve this items while Will stood in line, saving us a spot. Next place: Target. When we finally got in, it was a sea of red carts, I felt like I was swimming through Target. They really should implement a policy of no carts in the electronics department, it was ridiculous. While the craziness went on in the electronics and toy aisles, I decided to wander to the other side of the store, which was dead quiet, and buy some necessities, like Tums and shampoo. That’s right, I get up early to buy antacids and shampoo!

After a quick swing into Sam’s Club for a free breakfast and lawn bags, Bob and I then ventured to the mall and made a huge dent in the credit card there. Not only that, we also went to Office Max to get my mom this awesome desk chair that massages your back. How cool is that? (My mom loves it, by the way.) We then picked up Katie and headed to the Mills where we did some more damage. Finally, 9 hours later and lunch at Las Palmas, we finally made it home for a nice LONG nap. I am still exhausted but it was totally worth it.

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