Yao’s Hot-Pot Party

Last Sunday, Yao invited a bunch of us over for dinner, more specifically, he invited us over for hot-pot. The easiest way to describe this is fondue, chinese-stye. You have a simmering broth in a pot set in the middle of the table. Everyone can start throwing in vegetables, meat, noodles, seafood etc. to cook in the broth. Yao had a spread for dinner: lamb, beef, tripe, shrimp, noodles, tofu, mushrooms and greens.

Then you go fishing, looking for yummy things to eat just like Kim and Amanda did:

It’s a family-style meal that is SO delicious. Since there were so many people attending, Yao made a spicy broth and a mild broth and set them at two different tables. The girls gravitated to the mild broth while the guys sat together at the spicy broth table. So, it was pretty much like any other time we all get together, girls on one side of the room and the guys on the other side. Most of our friends have never tried it before and I applaud them for giving it a shot. Once I knew what the girls liked to eat, I just pretty much kept throwing those ingredients in. It was really a lot of fun, lots of good food and good company. What more can I ask for at a dinner party?

One thought on “Yao’s Hot-Pot Party

  1. Things I learned from Hot Pot night: 1) I don’t like food when it has a face, 2) tripe is creepy, 3) I make weird faces when I’m fishing for noodles, 4) HOT POT IS DELICIOUS!!!

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