2nd Annual Gingerbread House-Making Party

Welcome to Sweetville, USA. Come, I’ll show you around this candied goodness and hopefully you decide to stay a while. It’ll be a real treat!

Strolling down Main Street, we first come upon Amanda’s Sweetville Tavern, the local hangout for the residents. Not only does the Tavern serve such wonderful food, there are some drink specials that are known around the tri-state area, including the Candy Cane Drop Shot, the Wintry Mix and the Flaming Reindeer. It’s THE place that people go to get frosted.

A little further down the street, we have the Sweetville Post Office. Now, this is no ordinary post office with ordinary postal workers. When you drop your letter off at the mailbox, you are actually handing it to a red ninja (they are excellent in the art of disguise). Then your mail will be be delivered, swiftly and stealthily, faster than you can say, “candied throwing star.”

Of course, in the center of town, you will find the Sweetville First Church of Icing, the glue that keeps Sweetville together. The exquisite stained glass dates back to the Jolly Rancher period, a time of turmoil and toothaches. The nativity scene was generously donated by Mr. and Mrs. Gummy Bear, who’s family founded Sweetville. It is a place of worship and town functions, from meetings to cupcake parties.

Sitting on the outskirts of town is the Sweetville Railyard, home to the Sour Rainbow Road Express. This train is the only way in and out of Sweetville and is always punctual, nothing will stop it from getting to the station on time, even cows on its peppermint tracks. Off to the side, some homeless Gummies are living in a graham cracker box, just waiting until the next shipment of marshmallows to come in. Luckily, they are on the outside of town and no one sees them so they don’t tarnish the sugar-coated shininess of Sweetville.

Now, let’s take a walk and meet some of the residents so you can get the flavor of the town.

Say hello to Monika and her quaint cottage. When she first moved into town, she had a bit of trouble constructing her home. The contractor’s icing failed when her home crumbled into pieces. Fortunately, she hired another contractor who analyzed her dire situation and time constraints and suggested a new building material that was slowly being introduced in the gingerbread-house building: hot glue. Apparently, this concoction worked and now you can often see her sitting outside her door, offering anyone a cup of hot chocolate or fresh baked cookies.

Next door, you have Beth’s charming home. As you can see, she is a lover of chocolate-covered mushrooms. Now, in small quantities, they are very healthy for you but in high doses, they are highly addictive. When consumed in large quantities, one can experience a sugar rush which causes extreme hyperness, the jitters and running around outside naked. Very powerful stuff. Her home is always such a joy when lit up in lights. Clark Griswold is her uncle and every year he comes to help her put them up for the holiday season.

Finally, we have the resident artist, Kate, who’s retreat is up on Big Rock Candy Mountain. The candied rocks decorating the outside of her home were found down by Chocolate Syrup River, a popular destination in the summer. She often opens her home to anyone who is interested in finding a place to work on their art. It is peaceful up there, especially in the winter when it often snows coconut flakes to the point where you can’t even eat enough of it to leave your house.

There you have it, a little tour of our saccharine town. If your sweet tooth can handle it, we would love to have you!

For the rest of the pictures, click here.

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3 thoughts on “2nd Annual Gingerbread House-Making Party

  1. it’s not fair that kate’s was not on the table. That said…i LOVE the commentary! totally cute!

  2. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any good pictures of Kate so Bob’s dad took the picture and he’s a perfectionist.

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