Bob’s 30th Birthday Bash

Yep, that’s right, my husband of six-and-a-half years is now officially 30. You can either congratulate him or console him. Well, we decided to celebrate this milestone with a hockey game and a trip to the casino. It has been forever since since any of us had gone to a Blues game and I thought it would be fun to treat 18 of our friends to a game. It was cheaper than renting out a bar so people can afford to drink at the game. I know it seems crazy to pay that much money for us to go but I really wanted to do something nice for everyone. So, off we went down to the Scottrade Center to watch the Blues battle the Phoenix Coyotes. And due to Krissy’s insider knowledge, we parked at this awesome parking lot right across the street from the Center. Thanks, Krissy!

The game was pretty cool. Get it? Ice, cold? Har-har! Okay, so it was pretty fun. We got to see a fight in the first 3 seconds of the game, we won free buffets at Lumiere because our section got chosen and we won the game (4-3). Of course, I missed every one of those goals (even the Coyotes goals) and the Roulette game in which our section won (potty party). Yeah, I missed the exciting moments but that’s okay. What I did not miss was the most important thing: Bob’s name in lights. No, not really but they did flash up on the screens a couple of times welcoming “Bob’s 30th Birthday Group.” And those who saw it come up would cheer each time.

Afterwards, we all headed to Harrah’s to continue the party. It was a perfect place to be, cheap drinks for those who wanted to drink, gambling for those who wanted to gamble and if you wanted ton indulge in both, then have at it. We even got to see the I-BAR entertainment, man, those dancers were talented (heavy on the sarcasm). I even did something illegal, twice (living on the edge):

Apparently, you’re not allowed to take pictures in the casino. I didn’t know that but the guy was nice enough to me. Of course, I profusely apologized. But those were some great group shots, though. The best part of the night, I thought, was when Bob was presented with a Blues Yearbook (that was the free gift handed out at the game) with all of everyone’s signatures and well wishes.

I had nothing to do with that, it was Paul’s genius idea. Paul, you really made Bob’s day with that! You’re awesome!

Happy Birthday, honey, I hope you had a wonderful 30th! I love you so much!

Click me, click me if you want to see more pictures!

One thought on “Bob’s 30th Birthday Bash

  1. And thanks again to everyone who came out with us this last weekend. I had a real blast, and it surely softened the blow that is turning 30.

    And to Jen, for setting this all up, making it happen, and being yourself: thanks. I love you!

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