Last Supper Club of the Year

Appetizer: Asiago-Artichoke-Turkey Spread. Um, yeah, we sort of ate all the spread before we were able to take a picture of it. That good!

Entree: Huevos Rancheros. An excellent Mexican dish. Kate orders this all the time whenever we go to a Mexican restaurant and now I know why. Very delicious, next time, I’ll try it with black beans instead.

Side Dish: Pommes Anna. Beautiful presentation and enjoyable to eat. Went very well with the entree.

Dessert: Butter Rum Pound Cake. The non-drinker picks an alcoholic dessert. It was a very moist pound cake, not too much of a rum taste. The rum was strong in the glaze, though. But with or without the glaze, it was a good dessert and very easy to make.

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