Working Vacation

I’m on vacation this week and it feels WONDERFUL. I’ve been sleeping in until 9 each morning and just been wandering around aimlessly, doing nothing but I need to get my butt into gear, I have specific goals I need to meet before I head back to work.

1. Clean my entire house – that means each room of the house has been clean. This will be the first time in forever that it’ll be that way. I don’t know if I can accomplish that. It’s already Wednesday morning and I’ve only done the hall closet, the master bath and the kitchen.

2. Watch all the episodes of Heroes. Yeah, I haven’t started watching this season and it’s taking up the bulk of my DVR space. So, I’m going to buckle down and watch it all.

3. Organize my recipes. Right now, they are in this pile, a pile of magazines, printed paper and 4×6 cards all in disarray. How do I function?

4. Get some photos printed and framed. I have all these new picture frames that I want to show off but no pictures. How sad.

I can keep going but I won’t bore you anymore. I lead a dull life. But at least I’m not at work.

2 thoughts on “Working Vacation

  1. That’s exactly how my recipes are! Shoved randomly in a cabinet in the dining room of all places. Just hanging out all willy nilly.

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