Animal House Trivia Night

A while back, Katie mentioned that it had been a while since we did a Trivia Night. We concurred, and she set about finding the perfect Trivia Night for us to attend. She came upon a fundraiser for Animal House, a homeless animal shelter, that was hosted by St. Louis trivia guru Kevin Carbery and set it up. Jen, Katie, Kate, Kim, Monika, Paul, Mike and I teamed up with Kim’s friends Val and Peter to make a table of 10 and we headed down to the Millennium Hotel (the round one) and their gorgeous banquet rooms for the event.

This was a high class trivia night with a huge turnout, free buckets of AB beer, awesome silent auction items, and local celebrities like Chris Duncan, Brad Thompson and Kyle McClellan in attendance. So naturally, we felt a little out of place, but our trivia skills came through for us, even if we didn’t have the most demographically diverse team. We swept the Artists category thanks to Kate’s Master’s Degree and Kim’s helpful suggestion of Grandma Moses. Paul and I put our sports knowledge together with a bevy of good guesses and logical picks to get 9 out of 10 the surprisingly difficult Guess Their Sport category, in which 3 famous athletes were named and you had to (surprise) guess the sport they played. Of course, Kim swept the Disney category (even if there was a spirited discussion about whether or not Old Yeller saved a kid from a bear or a boar — we ended up Mulliganing that one). One of the answers for the Movie Quotes category was the classic “National Lampoon’s Animal House”, which was a nice tie in for the host organization.

Plus, our food selection was stellar: pizza rolls, veggie tray, cheese and crackers, spinach balls, cookies, chips, dips, chocolate donuts, hot wing dip, and lemon cake, combined with an unending flow of Bud, Bud Light, Bud Select, Michelob Light, and assorted sodas to satiate even the most hungry trivia fiends.

In the end, we came up with 93/100 which was an awesome finish, but the two teams that tied for first place ended up with a stunning 97 points. Oh well. We had a great time and the money went to a good organization.

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