The Heat Is On, Again.

Okay, so it was always on but not consistently. As you may remember, we bought a new heating/cooling unit last year. Well, this winter, we’ve been noticing something strange: our heater wouldn’t keep the temperature constant and would shut off before it reached the appropriate number. Well, after reading through the manual, it said that our unit had an automatic shut-off so that it would prevent the coils from overheating. Okay, I guess that was a good enough explanation until I woke up one morning and it was 56 degrees in the house.

Well, my co-worker’s husband heard about my ordeal and ordered me to call our heating guy because that was not right. So, the guy came out on Saturday and diagnosed the problem: the ductwork installed by morons. Apparently, our cold-air returns weren’t working and not enough air is being returned to the heating unit so it’s overheating, hence, the automatic shut-off. But it was an easy solution and it was fixed this afternoon so now maybe, just maybe, I won’t have any more heating problems.

Stupid homeownership.

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