The Lake During the Dead of Winter

What does one do at the Lake in the middle of winter? Shop and eat, of course! The past weekend, we went down to see the Marcantels at our “lake house” and they were, as always, such gracious hosts. We spent much of the time just hanging out at the house, talking, FIFA, napping, reading and munching, an ideal weekend. Now, we couldn’t go down to the Lake and not go shopping at the outlet mall. We made a huge dent in Banana Republic and I had to walk in the Coach outlet and walk out with a couple of new purses and an umbrella. See what happens when you popped my Coach cherry? Every time I go to the Coach outlet, I come out with something new, it’s an addiction! The only sad part about the trip was that our usual Sunday morning breakfast place, Kay’s, was closed for renovations which meant no all-you-can-eat breakfast but Stewart’s was a decent substitute with their cinnamon rolls the size of Krissy’s head.

Krissy and Kenny, you are such awesome hosts, thanks for having us! We’ll see you in the spring!

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