Another Stray Rescue Trivia Night

Last night, Jen, Kim, Kate, Paul, Val, John, Katie, and myself ventured down to Lemay (gasp) to take in a trivia night to benefit Stray Rescue. The trivia night was at a VFW post, and the vets that were manning the bar were straight out of central casting. The beer was cold, the soda was at least over ice, Kevin Carbery (the best trivia MC in St. Louis) was on the mic, and we stopped at Hodak’s on the way down to grab some of the best possible fried chicken (and mashed potatoes, and potato salad, and slaw, and rolls) to help fuel the trivia fire. In addition to the chicken, there were pizza rolls, White Castles, chocolate covered nut clusters, raspberry oat bars, creme filled delights, chocolate covered donuts, chips, and spicy nuts available to feed the trivia beasts.

Once we got our spread set out, we went about the real business of the evening: answering trivia questions. We started out strong, and were near the top of the pack for the entire evening, but Table 1 was perfect through 6 rounds — some real trivia ringers — and we had a hard time keeping up with them. Of note, the Sports category was refreshingly difficult, the What Year Did This Happen category sparked the most discussion, and the Canada category caused the great Montreal vs. Toronto debate of 2009 (Toronto won). And seriously, did you know Shatner was from Montreal? I didn’t.

After the signature Carbery Catch-All Category, the scores were tallied up and the final results were in: Third Place! Not too shabby. We got 100 bucks back as a table, but since it would have been a pain in the ass to split that up 8 ways, we just donated it to Stray Rescue. We had hella fun, and even though it’s pretty rare that we get that far south, I think it was a great experience. And we helped some puppies!

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