Demolition Ball!

So a few weeks back, Jen and I were talking about how it had been a while since we’d played Demolition Ball. I sent Brandon an email for him to set it up, and let me tell you, he did a bang up job. We had 15 people, three teams of 5, and a nice round robin setup that allowed for maximum play and maximum fun. The teams broke down like this:

Team A: Jimi, Amanda, Brandon, Doug, Stephanie

Team B: Chris, Rob, Kim, Yao, Sheena

Team C: Andrew, Beth, Katie, Jen, Bob

The first game started out slowly, with Doug shooting at the wrong goal and over 3 minutes without any scoring. After they got everything sorted out, Team A put together a nice string of goals to eek out a 9 – 5 victory over Team B.

Team B then attempted to save face and get a win, but it was not to be, as they were facing the formidable Team C in the second game of the night. Despite jumping out to an early 1 goal lead (they started with the ball underneath the goal), Team C roared back and won handily, 16-9.

Thus, the Championship Game was set: Team A vs. Team C. It was a hard fought battle, with great goals and bad misses aplenty for both sides. With 20 seconds left, Brandon scored to take a 1 goal lead, and the fastbreak attempt to tie was thwarted at the buzzer. Team A had secured a win by the slimmest of margins: 10-9.

While the game was intense and the scoring abundant, I think I can speak for everyone that regardless of the outcome, Demolition Ball is the best fake sport in the Greater St. Charles Area. We then retired to Trailhead for drinks, food, and great conversation afterwards.

Thanks, Brandon for setting up the evening, and Paul for taking pictures. You can see all the pictures here.

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