Another Stray Rescue Trivia Night

Last night, Jen, Kim, Kate, Paul, Val, John, Katie, and myself ventured down to Lemay (gasp) to take in a trivia night to benefit Stray Rescue. The trivia night was at a VFW post, and the vets that were manning the bar were straight out of central casting. The beer was cold, the soda was at least over ice, Kevin Carbery (the best trivia MC in St. Louis) was on the mic, and we stopped at Hodak’s on the way down to grab some of the best possible fried chicken (and mashed potatoes, and potato salad, and slaw, and rolls) to help fuel the trivia fire. In addition to the chicken, there were pizza rolls, White Castles, chocolate covered nut clusters, raspberry oat bars, creme filled delights, chocolate covered donuts, chips, and spicy nuts available to feed the trivia beasts.

Once we got our spread set out, we went about the real business of the evening: answering trivia questions. We started out strong, and were near the top of the pack for the entire evening, but Table 1 was perfect through 6 rounds — some real trivia ringers — and we had a hard time keeping up with them. Of note, the Sports category was refreshingly difficult, the What Year Did This Happen category sparked the most discussion, and the Canada category caused the great Montreal vs. Toronto debate of 2009 (Toronto won). And seriously, did you know Shatner was from Montreal? I didn’t.

After the signature Carbery Catch-All Category, the scores were tallied up and the final results were in: Third Place! Not too shabby. We got 100 bucks back as a table, but since it would have been a pain in the ass to split that up 8 ways, we just donated it to Stray Rescue. We had hella fun, and even though it’s pretty rare that we get that far south, I think it was a great experience. And we helped some puppies!

Demolition Ball!

So a few weeks back, Jen and I were talking about how it had been a while since we’d played Demolition Ball. I sent Brandon an email for him to set it up, and let me tell you, he did a bang up job. We had 15 people, three teams of 5, and a nice round robin setup that allowed for maximum play and maximum fun. The teams broke down like this:

Team A: Jimi, Amanda, Brandon, Doug, Stephanie

Team B: Chris, Rob, Kim, Yao, Sheena

Team C: Andrew, Beth, Katie, Jen, Bob

The first game started out slowly, with Doug shooting at the wrong goal and over 3 minutes without any scoring. After they got everything sorted out, Team A put together a nice string of goals to eek out a 9 – 5 victory over Team B.

Team B then attempted to save face and get a win, but it was not to be, as they were facing the formidable Team C in the second game of the night. Despite jumping out to an early 1 goal lead (they started with the ball underneath the goal), Team C roared back and won handily, 16-9.

Thus, the Championship Game was set: Team A vs. Team C. It was a hard fought battle, with great goals and bad misses aplenty for both sides. With 20 seconds left, Brandon scored to take a 1 goal lead, and the fastbreak attempt to tie was thwarted at the buzzer. Team A had secured a win by the slimmest of margins: 10-9.

While the game was intense and the scoring abundant, I think I can speak for everyone that regardless of the outcome, Demolition Ball is the best fake sport in the Greater St. Charles Area. We then retired to Trailhead for drinks, food, and great conversation afterwards.

Thanks, Brandon for setting up the evening, and Paul for taking pictures. You can see all the pictures here.

Supper Club: February 4, 2009

This week’s Supper Club was missing a key member, our dishwasher and foodtographer, Bob. Instead of freezing his ass off in St. Louis for the past couple of days, he decided to freeze his ass off in Florida while visiting an old friend. So, I apologize for the less-than-stellar photos. Oh, don’t worry, though, I left enough dishes for him to clean up so he doesn’t feel left out.

Appetizer: Beef and Gorgonzola Toasts with Herb-Garlic Cream. In order to save time, Kim bought roast beef from the deli counter to substitute for the tenderloin. The appetizer was good but we forgot to toast the bread so it was more like mini open-faced sandwiches.

Entree: Mac and “Cheese”. This is mac and cheese but with no cheese involved at all. Intrigued? Yes. Horrible? Absolutely not. I am not a fan of Kraft Mac and Cheese probably because of the overwhelming amount of cheese that’s in it. This dish has the comfort feeling of mac and cheese without the cheesiness. The texture is similar and surprisingly good. I did add a bit of hot sauce to mine to give it a little something something. Now, the recipe did call for nutritional yeast but Kate couldn’t find it so it was omitted.

Side Dish: Broccoli Salad. A light oil and vinegar based salad that gave a bit of tang. It really balanced the heaviness of the pasta. I’m sure it’ll taste even better the next day as it marinates even more. Just a note, if Katie made this dish again, she would blanch the broccoli instead of leaving them raw.

Dessert: Chocolate Fudge Pie. This was a great tasting chocolate pie. The only problem was that the middle didn’t set very well so part of my pie was chocolate pudding pie. Tasted great but it wasn’t so pretty on the plate. Next time, I will have to bake it longer than 45 minutes. So, if you bake this pie, make sure your pie does not jiggle when it comes out of the oven.

“Alllllll By Myseeelffff”

I know, I sound pathetic, but I can’t help it. I mean, I’ve been married to the guy for 6 1/2 years, we’re connected at the hip (just ask all our friends) and so for him to be gone for three whole days is agony. I mean, I have to take the dog out in the morning, I have to set my own alarm, I have to make my own dinner, I have to drive myself to the gym…it’s so sad!!!

Okay, really, it’s not that bad. The only thing that does affect me is that I don’t sleep well when he’s not there (I wake up periodically throughout the night). Maybe I don’t feel as safe when I’m sleeping alone or I’m worried I won’t wake up to the alarm or it’s a lot colder in the bed, I don’t know. I do know this, it’s a good thing he’s only gone for two nights or else Jen would be a very grumpy girl.

The Superbowl of Chili Cook-Offs

The Superbowl brings out the competitive spirit in everyone, whether it’s rooting for a team or competing with food, it’s all about the competition. At last year’s Superbowl party, we proposed a Wing-Off that went over very well that we decided for a Chili cook-off this year. The rules: there are no rules. Just bring your best chili and the party-goers will vote.

Of course, we had to entertain ourselves with other food-related challenges because we’re insane. First off, the hot sauce challenge. Dare to ingest a few drops of Doug’s Ass Burning Hot Sauce (not the real name). The daredevils: Bob, Kenny, Doug, Yao, Andrew, Brandon and Matt. From what I gathered, the hot sauce is a slow burn, the longer that it stays in your mouth, the hotter it gets. There was not much reaction from Kenny, but that’s to be expected. When have you really seen him react to anything? Bob became blotchy as if he drank a bottle of tequila. Brandon’s head burst into flames. The general consensus was that the sauce was VERY, VERY HOT, but trips to the emergency room would not be required.

The next challenge promised to add a little more spice to the proceedings: the cinnamon challenge. The rules are simple: eat one teaspoon of cinnamon. What this challenge lacks in complicated rules, it makes up hilarity.

Krissy, like her husband, was hard-core and defeated the cinnamon challenge while I proceeded to engulf myself in a cinnamon cloud just seconds into it. Yeah, I won’t be eating anything with cinnamon for a long while.

Now, on to the main event: The Chili Cook-Off. Bob, Doug, Kim, Katie, Andrew, Paul, and Kate each provided us with chili, and I set it up as a blind tasting.

As you can see below, the judging was intense.

There was even discussion amongst the judges:

Overall, all the chilis were great, unique to each person, it reflected who the chefs were. But, we couldn’t give out bragging rights to all seven contestants, so the winner was:


… oh yeah, and I guess there was a football game too. Thanks to everyone for bringing out their chili and other food stuffs. Now let’s get thinking about what to cook for next year!

Click here for the rest of the pictures.