Supper Club: Land of Smile

Due to the dietary restrictions of two of our key members in honor of Ash Wednesday, we cancelled this week’s Supper Club. Instead, the three heathens decided to go out for dinner at Land of Smile, a Thai restaurant close by the house. Bob has been there numerous times and is a fan of it (the guy owned Midland Wok and moved to this location under a new name). I do have to say that it was good Thai food and very convenient for us.

I was in a noodley mood and so I ordered the Chicken Lo Mein. In my opinion, it was a bit bland and boring but not bad. I guess I was comparing it to my mother’s lo mein and I’m partial to hers. So, next time, I’ll have to order something different, something that I can’t compare to my mother’s cooking (she is the BEST). Bob ordered a gummy noodle dish with chicken and mixed vegetables (he can’t remember the name). It was spicy and flavorful and really excellent. Now, if you are weird about textures, this may not be the dish for you because the noodles are fat and chewy, something unfamiliar to many white folks but Bob is a trooper and a true adventurer, hence why I love him. Kate had the Massaman Curry with tofu which she thoroughly enjoyed. I didn’t try hers but Bob would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Overall, I would go back to this place for some quick and good Thai food. You guys should try it and let me know what you think.

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