The Superbowl of Chili Cook-Offs

The Superbowl brings out the competitive spirit in everyone, whether it’s rooting for a team or competing with food, it’s all about the competition. At last year’s Superbowl party, we proposed a Wing-Off that went over very well that we decided for a Chili cook-off this year. The rules: there are no rules. Just bring your best chili and the party-goers will vote.

Of course, we had to entertain ourselves with other food-related challenges because we’re insane. First off, the hot sauce challenge. Dare to ingest a few drops of Doug’s Ass Burning Hot Sauce (not the real name). The daredevils: Bob, Kenny, Doug, Yao, Andrew, Brandon and Matt. From what I gathered, the hot sauce is a slow burn, the longer that it stays in your mouth, the hotter it gets. There was not much reaction from Kenny, but that’s to be expected. When have you really seen him react to anything? Bob became blotchy as if he drank a bottle of tequila. Brandon’s head burst into flames. The general consensus was that the sauce was VERY, VERY HOT, but trips to the emergency room would not be required.

The next challenge promised to add a little more spice to the proceedings: the cinnamon challenge. The rules are simple: eat one teaspoon of cinnamon. What this challenge lacks in complicated rules, it makes up hilarity.

Krissy, like her husband, was hard-core and defeated the cinnamon challenge while I proceeded to engulf myself in a cinnamon cloud just seconds into it. Yeah, I won’t be eating anything with cinnamon for a long while.

Now, on to the main event: The Chili Cook-Off. Bob, Doug, Kim, Katie, Andrew, Paul, and Kate each provided us with chili, and I set it up as a blind tasting.

As you can see below, the judging was intense.

There was even discussion amongst the judges:

Overall, all the chilis were great, unique to each person, it reflected who the chefs were. But, we couldn’t give out bragging rights to all seven contestants, so the winner was:


… oh yeah, and I guess there was a football game too. Thanks to everyone for bringing out their chili and other food stuffs. Now let’s get thinking about what to cook for next year!

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One thought on “The Superbowl of Chili Cook-Offs

  1. Looks like a great time. Wish we were to around to participate in all the fun … plus, I make a mean bowl of chili. Don’t know if I could have given Bob a run for his money, though.

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