Brunch At Bristol

After almost a year of holding on to this $30 gift certificate to Bristol, we finally used it Sunday morning (only because it was about to expire). We were expecting just to order something off the lunch menu but were pleasantly surprised that they had a Sunday brunch. I love brunches, it’s all you can eat breakfast and lunch foods. Plus desserts, tables full of desserts. Mmmm. As you know, Bristol is a seafood restaurant but even the non-seafood lovers will enjoy the brunch. They had an omelette bar, waffle bar, pastries, breakfast foods, roast beef and of course, seafood. For only $20/person, I thought it was pretty reasonable. Delish! I was a bit underdressed for the atmosphere (jeans and a hoodie) but the hostess still let us in and we were seated immediately even though it was 11:30, prime after-church time. I’m going to have to remember this place the next time Bob’s parents want to go out for some special occasion.

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