Let’s Go Blizzards!

Yep, that was what I was chanting when a group of us went down to watch the Blues beat the Minnesota Wild on Sunday night. I had gotten an offer to purchase tickets for Sunday night’s game through my Group Sales contact person at at discounted price and so 11 of us took advantage of the cheap tickets AND the fact that it was Free Food Night. You know what that means? For $20, we got two hotdogs (or an order of chicken fingers), a box of popcorn, bottled water and a seat for the game. It was pretty sweet. The game was really exciting as well since I actually saw some goals! Yeah, when we went to the game for Bob’s birthday, I missed every freakin’ goal. What was I doing? Well, I was either talking to someone, in the bathroom or getting food. But this time, I saw four out of five goals. Woo-wee! Now the Blues have a deal, if they score 5 goals, then free Dairy Queen Blizzards, hence, the chanting of “Let’s Go Blizzards” once they scored four. And my team did not let me down! Mmmm, blizzards! Guess where we went after the game? Yep, Dairy Queen. So, for $20, we got two hotdogs, a box of popcorn, bottled water, a seat for the game, a winning game and a blizzard. What a awesome deal!

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