Trivia Night for Travelers and Hammerheads

Last night, the group went to the Carpenter’s Union to take in a trivia night that supports the Rawlings Travelers and Rawlings Hammerheads baseball teams. Paul’s ex-boss’s son plays on one of the teams, and she bribes people to come with pizza, so in addition to our normal foodstuffs, we had Imo’s to fill our bellies. So good!

As far as the trivia was concerned, we didn’t do well enough to win, but we were within shouting distance when everything was said and done. By that time though, we had been doing trivia for almost four hours. The MC had a hard time keeping control of the crowd and kept wasting time by telling people things like “everyone should know this one”. Some of the questions were poorly worded. He even gave away half of an answer just by prattling on. And his Forrest Gump impersonation was terrible. I guess we are just spoiled by the great job Kevin Carbery does. In any event, it was better than the Oakville Baseball Team Trivia Night.

The night was off to a rough start, with the first category being all about American Idol. None of us at the table follow that cesspool of American “culture”, but the night quickly turned in our favor when I won a raffle prize: a Sports Authority lunch bag filled with Red Bull, popcorn, a Texas Roadhouse gift certificate, and Braveheart. Weird mix, but hey, I’m a winner.

As the night wore on, the categories didn’t get any easier. The St. Louis Sports category was tougher than usual, mainly because of a couple poorly worded questions, but we did really well on Celebrity High School Yearbook, What’s Cooking, Dead or Alive, and Forrest Gump. We also enjoyed the Name That Tune category, but we got killed on Luck of The Irish.

Overall, we had a good time, with good friends and good food. While we didn’t dominate like usual, the open bar helped soothe our bruised egos, and we left the evening in good spirits.

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