FPC Youth Trivia Night – Spring ’09

OK, so this is a little bit late, but I didn’t want to get two trivia night posts behind, and we are going to the Breaths for Blake fundraiser tonight, so here we go.

Susan Gentry and Tom Galle both put a ton of work into preparation and making sure these trivia nights go off without a hitch, and this year was no exception. The whole affair revolved around the answers to the first category, which, cleverly, was about the game Clue. So each correct answer was a clue to what the other category would be. We fared well, but finished one point back of first place. To soothe our wounds, Jen and I won second row tickets to the Cardinals game in the silent auction. It was a heckuva deal.

Favorite categories: Mr. Boddy’s Body (a homonym category — more brain teaser than trivia, but very fun), Billiards, and the out of nowhere, incredibly difficult, yet educational Peacocks.

Sorry for the short post, but I don’t feel like waxing poetic. I’ve got to brush up on Cystic Fibrosis trivia for tonight’s match.

One thought on “FPC Youth Trivia Night – Spring ’09

  1. Sorry we weren’t able to attend this time. It’s always a good event and we felt bad not being able to support it tis time but we were getting ready for Breaths For Blake Trivia Night and had also just had a week of visitors from Iowa and were exhausted.

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