Hello Precious

Meet Precious, an adorable cocker/springer spaniel mix. Of course, when I found her cowering in our yard Sunday night, I didn’t know her name. She didn’t have any ID tags, except for the ones that the Humane Society gave her, including the rainbow collar. As soon as she saw me, she ran across the street, but I went outside, bent down with a treat and she ran back over. She was so cuddly and wanted tummy rubs so while I was reassuring her, Bob called the AVID number to give the microchip number. Unfortunately, the owners weren’t home and so we spent the evening with this little cutie-pie! She was so unbelievably sweet and if no one was going to claim her after we exhausted all our options, we were going to keep her, despite Kuma’s indifference toward her. She ended up sleeping on Kuma’s bed in the office all night, keeping Bob company. It was too adorable, she made herself right at home.

Monday morning, we both got up to let the dogs out and we saw the neighbor across the street fixing his fence. Bob walked up to him and asked him if this was his dog. And sure enough, the guy cried out, “Precious!” Apparently this guy got her from the Humane Society only a month ago and she had escaped through the hole in his fence. So now we know, if we see Precious around, then we’ll put her back over the fence.

Another family reunited with their dog. Our job is done here.

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2 thoughts on “Hello Precious

  1. I feel like you’ve done this before. Not with this dog, but maybe with another dog and another family?

    I think you should get a dog sibling for Kuma. What’s better than a dog? TWO dogs!

  2. I’m keeping a tally. So far, we’ve found and reunited 2 pugs (same family), 2 cocker spaniels (same family, twice), a beagle and now a cocker/springer spaniel mix. Whew, I’m exhausted!

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