Supper Club: April 22, 2009

Appetizer: Walnut Red Pepper Dip. This was a very delicious dip, mild in the flavors, with a hint of walnuts. It did not suggest anything to dip it with so Katie brought quite a few choices. I was a fan of the pita chips and celery to go along with it. The apples gave a bit of different taste to the dip, it wasn’t bad, but I liked the others better.

Entree: Fit and Fabulous Fried Chicken. And you thought you couldn’t have fried chicken on your diet. Okay, it’s not fried, but it’s baked and it still has a slight crunch to it due to the panko. I would say this is a recipe keeper and I got to use my meat thermometer for the first time and it works great! Next time, I will have to put more spices on the chicken before baking it to give it more of a punch.

Side Dish: Deconstructed Green Bean Casserole. It’s your traditional green bean casserole, with a modern twist in presentation. Kate is her own worst critic, stating that it wasn’t very good because it was so bland. But what you have to remember is that the recipe replaces cream of mushroom soup with it’s own version so it has so much less sodium. Hence, it’s healthier. I didn’t think it wasn’t bad, the fried onions from a can really is the best part anyways.

Dessert: Banana Cream Pie. This version has a chocolate chip cookie crust and it was fabulous. The only thing that Kim said was that she would probably make her own cookie dough next time with mini-chocolate chips (or find mini-chocolate chip cookie dough) because it was a bit difficult to press down the crust without it being uneven.

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