Supper Club: Las Palmas

Last week the group decided to have dinner out and since Kim was at a Cardinals game (so jealous), we went to Las Palmas for some delicious margaritas and Mexican food. You have to go to the location at Woodson Terrace, everyone says it’s better than the one on Page. I LOVE, LOVE the chips and salsa there, I could just have that for dinner and be happy. But I really can’t ignore their burritos either. So three of us ordered burritos and the vegetarian ordered the cheese enchiladas. Plates were all clean by the time the check came, that is how good this place is. Another cool thing about Las Palmas is their margaritas. When you order a pitcher, they bring you a full pitcher plus full glasses! That’s a whole hella lot of margaritas. I even had a couple of sippies and I was done for the evening. Now, Katie, on the other hand, drank the rest of us under the table, that girl is a margarita drinking champion!

If you enjoy Mexican food and like cheap prices, you have to try this place. Sure, it’s by the airport and the neighborhood is a bit shady, but it’s a definite must.

2 thoughts on “Supper Club: Las Palmas

  1. Oh, so good! You guys are making me hungry. Love this place. Kind of reminds me of El Jimador back in the ville. I always make it one of my eateries when I am back in the lou. Their soppapilla are excellent as well.

    Jen-does the layout look just like Lotus Garden to you? Each time I go there, I have a deja ju moment that I am at Lotus Garden….

  2. Funny you mention that – we had El Jimador this weekend down at the Lake. There’s one there, so even if the one in Kirksville is dearly departed, Tha Heem still lives on.

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