Welcome Back, Baseball!

How do you celebrate the return of baseball? You go out and freeze your booty off while cheering your team to victory, that’s how! Kim came up with the great idea of tickets to the Coca-Cola Patio which included food and beer. I love food and Bob loves beer so it was a perfect fit. She got a group of us together and we headed down to see the Cardinals play against the Astros. Of course, when you go to a baseball game in St. Louis in April, you never know what type of weather you’re going to get. All I have to say is at least it wasn’t raining that night.

The Coca-Cola Patio is set up in tables of four with a view from the outfield. It wasn’t the best place to watch the game but it was great for us to gather together and hang out. Most of us didn’t even stay in our seats but were mingling around with the rest of the group. And what was even better was that they had the Blues game on so Bob could keep tabs on it.

It was a fabulous time, a bit chilly, but I had fun. Thank goodness for long underwear! Click here for all the pictures.

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