A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Baseball Game…

Bob and Ode had gone to Friday night’s Cardinals game and as you know, it was a rainout so Monday night was the make-up game. Unfortunately, Ode had to go to California on business so his loss was my gain. When yesterday rolled around, we find out that that Matt and Amanda were going. Well, hey, why not carpool down there, it’s so much easier. They were in section 170 while we were in 154. Not bad at all! As I was talking to Katie later in the afternoon, she had just got invited to the game as well and her seat was in section 160! How crazy is that? So we all decided to meet up and carpool down there.

When we got to the stadium, we each went our separate ways. I was hoping that there would be open seats in our section, but alas, there were not. I guess no one is going to miss a game when you have tickets pretty much behind home plate. So we ventured up and sat with Amanda and Matt in the outfield. They were by the foul poll and in home run territory. Definite danger zone if you’re not paying attention (which is not good for me, you know how I am at sporting events, all talk, no paying attention). After a while in the outfield, Katie called us to let us know that there were seats open in her section so we all migrated down the third-base line for the rest of the game.

Everything worked out. Even though we had three different sets of tickets, we all ended up sitting together. How perfect was that? Now, only if the Cardinals didn’t lose, again, to the Brewers.

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