A Moment to Remember

Five years ago, we thought you were beautiful, a large deck for entertaining and relaxing. Sure, you needed to be power-washed and stained, but we saw potential. We envisioned get-togethers in the spring, summer and fall, a place to have a container garden, a quiet get-away from the hustle and bustle of the world. We had such big plans for you.

Five years later, we realized that you did not live up to our expectations. We did power-wash and stain you to spiff you up but there were underlying problems that a coat of paint would not fix. First of all, you enjoyed being a levee whenever it rained and that was not a good thing. You blocked the pathway for the water to flow whenever it rained, thereby, pooling it on our back patio. Sometimes there would be so much water there, we would be out in the pouring rain, shoveling, yes shoveling, water onto you so it wouldn’t flood our house. The second problem is that beneath you was a perfect environment for mosquitoes. The dark, damp earth that contained puddles of water was a veritable nursery for all the millions of mosquitoes. Because of this infestion of these bloodsuckers, we could not enjoy summer evenings without being eaten alive. Lastly, you were built right against the side of the house which is a big no-no. So because of the many years of being flushed against the side of our house, you have contributed to the rotting of the siding in that area. Thank you for that.

Well, today is the day.

We have decided to retire you.

You will no longer be in our lives.

Good-bye deck, you will not be missed.

*Colin was the awesome friend that labored all day with us to rip up the deck. He rocks!

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2 thoughts on “A Moment to Remember

  1. Actually, we are going to be putting in a stone patio but that project will happen after the new siding is installed on the house.

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