Arrgh, Petey!

I guess humans are not the only ones who like to party til 2 in the morning. Meet Petey, a wriggly little beagle mix and the life of the party. I guess he decided that his parents were smothering him and he ran away to paint the town red. As we are coming home from Sarah’s party, we see a flash of white running down the sidewalk. Of course, we had to stop and investigate. Bob picked him and and checked out his collar and wouldn’t you know it, no ID. He was wearing a Coach collar though, so we know his mommy has taste. We got the leash on him and decided to take a walk around the neighborhood to see if anyone was looking for him. We didn’t have to look very far. We heard some whistling down the street and it ended up that his parents were at St. Richard’s looking for him. I totally would have kept him. He was TOO FREAKIN’ ADORABLE!

And they lived happily ever after. And for those who are counting, we have now reunited 6 families (really, only 5 families because one family lost their dogs twice). Seriously, are these dogs passing on the information that we are the saviors of lost dogs through pee-mail?

2 thoughts on “Arrgh, Petey!

  1. Bob and Jen,

    I think it is time for you guys to add another pup! You guys do good work for your neighbors.

  2. Okay, you are a postin’ fool. How many posts did I just read from Bob and Jen? Six? Seven? I can’t remember anymore. Glad you re-united another pup with his family. Maybe you should open a pet-detective business.

    Also, I agree with Cath. Kuma needs a sibling!

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