Girly Road Trip!

A couple of months ago at a restaurant in Clayton, a group of girls concocted a scheme to invade the Lake of the Ozarks and burn a hole in the credit cards at the outlet mall down there. On Saturday, the scheme became a reality. At 9:30 AM, Katie, Kate, Amanda, Beth, Lea and I started our journey. Six girls, two cars, multiple credit cards, what an explosive combination.

Our first stop: the Coach Outlet, naturally. This was THE store that most of us were excited about and where we were going to do the most damage. A few of us were hesitant about the store, but by the end, we had all bought something. Lea did the most damage with her numerous purchases (it was her first time and she was ready for it – that’s what she said). I ended up buying another handbag when I was only going to get a wristlet. Oopsies.

We then went on to some other stores: Banana Republic, Gap, Calvin Klein, Nine West, Lane Bryant and Fossil. I know that it wasn’t that many stores but we spent an extended amount of time in all of them. Even though we didn’t go to that many stores, we all came home with multiple purchases and euphoric. There is something about shopping with girls that makes you believe that you can buy anything you want. It’s the shopping high and I loved it. Thank goodness Bob gave me free reign when I left that morning.

The trip was so much fun. I love spending time with the girls and having a mini-roadtrip was just perfect for that. With our lives being so busy with work and other obligations, it was nice to be able to enjoy each other’s company. Girls, it was a blast and we must do it again!

Now, after our whirlwind trip, we had to rush back and celebrate Sarah’s 24th birthday. Oh, to be 24 again, sigh. She invited us down to Bobby’s Place where her friend’s band was playing and we rocked out. I was so exhausted by the time I got home last night but it was all worth it! Happy Birthday Sarah!

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  1. Yep, I had asked her a while ago if she was going to be at the Lake over Mother’s Day weekend and she said that she was going to be in St. Louis, which made sense.

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