I’ll Take Rocks for $100, Alex!

Patios rock. Or, patio rocks. Either way, it looks like a good deal to me. Last week, Jen’s coworker’s husband tipped us off to a great deal on Craigslist: 250 sq. feet of flagstone for best offer. I worked out the details with the guy who was getting his rocks offloaded and we started the loading. It quickly filled the back of my Explorer — there was more room, but couldn’t handle any more weight — so we went back, unloaded, and brought both cars and the wheelbarrow this time. After that trip, we had about 3/4 of the rocks, but it was dark, so we unloaded at home and called it a night. The next day, Colin was able to come out and give me a hand with the last load. Thanks, Colin!

Someday soon, these rocks will be turned into a beautiful patio. And walkway. And maybe a walkway at my parents’ house. And maybe a small patio at Jen’s parents’ house. And maybe even then, we’ll have some left over. All I know is that this deal was a good one.

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