Supper Club: Ariake Steakhouse

Another restaurant review! This past week, we all decided to go out to dinner and Katie had suggested Ariake Steakhouse. Now,who doesn’t love onion volcanoes? Monika was in town and Katie’s brother joined us as well so it was a little party!

Really, I have nothing but good things to say about a Japanese steakhouse. I have not been to one that I did not have a good time at. You have good food, good entertainment, and good friends. Our chef for the evening was funny, skilled and very accommodating. Of course, you have the onion volcano trick, the egg spinning trick and the flinging of food into your mouth trick. He even got Kate to freak out with the fake bottle squirting trick. Ah, laughing at other people’s expenses, that is true entertainment.

Now, I would have taken pictures of the food on my plate but I was so hungry that I ate it all. But here’s a picture of my dessert, though.

Mmm, Fritz’s. And now they have cake batter, I love it!

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