Amanda’s Bachelorette Party!

Two Saturdays ago was Amanda’s bachelorette party and I won’t reveal too much about it (we don’t want the guys to know all that happened). So, I’ll give you a little drive-by:

1. Edible pasties and underwear.
2. Sexy lingerie.
3. Mini-Matt. (The bridegroom was in attendance.)
4. Penis cookies.
5. Penis sippie-cup.
6. Jive-and-Wail.
7. Burlesque show (Not that impressive. But I will have to say I was surprised that a girl can play with fire and take off her clothes without any incident.)
8. Morgan Street. (I realized at that moment how OLD I am. Sigh.)
9. Suck for a buck. (Or 5 bucks, depending on the guy.)
10. My awesome driving skills downtown and in Maplewood. (Thank you Chandra!)

Fun times! Amanda, I hope we all did a fabulous job on celebrating your last month of singledom! Enjoy rest of the pics here.

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